Life has gone missing from living.  The mission is to find that life. 

Joseph Campbell said: "I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive."

The experience of being alive means creating your own meaning.  It means living intentionally.  It means de-numbing, waking up from the coma that's been induced in order to actively seek and question.  It means growing and experiencing.  It may mean pain but our trials often contribute greatly to who we are.  We should not run from them. 

There are voices everywhere telling us who we must be.  Telling us what we should value and how we should live.  These are the shrill voices of blind greed and desperation, telling us how worthless and inadequate we are and how fulfilled we'll be when we have the latest, greatest thing.  And then the next latest, greatest thing.  And then the next.  Until we find ourselves sitting alone atop a hill of all the latest, greatest things.

And to achieve this nightmare that they call the good life, we must follow their rules.  We must blindly obey.  We must be grateful and humble when they allow us a moment of freedom.  Only for the reprieve to end and for the cycle to begin again.  Again.  And again.  Until we're finally free of it at an old age and without a clue as to who we really are, what really gives us joy, what living really means.

And we must find our value through the most petty things.  We must find our value in the trivial.  They do not want us to see the real value within.  Real joy over a temporary fix that ends in emptiness.  Real power rather than one's buying power.  Real life rather than the cardboard backdrop they tell us is life.

Thoughtopian was created to share ideas.  To share values.  To share thoughts that may help to put the living back in life.   To help people to maximize the within and the without.  For this is our world.  And these are our lives.

Life may have gone missing.  But it is not lost.